Monday, October 02, 2006

hmmm that adsense thinger is pretty easy to use. The only information you need to give them is the address to which they will mail the payment too in 100 dollar incriments.

hmmm . . this seems a little strange but i am going to try google adsense bc i really dont see a reason not too. soo yall click on the link and make me some mony. tc

hmm you know what i just realized? The quarter back has possible the nasty job on a college football team. You have to keep you hands near the chode of a sweaty nasty center for the entire football game. I mean seriously who would want to touch butt sweat?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wowa, really long time since i was here. Reckon the blog thinger didnt really work out for me. Maybe now that i am searching for stuff to do at work i may have time to write in this every once in a while. Welp, mid term elections are coming up and remember to vote republican because i like tax breaks.

I have decided i dont like college anymore and i am ready to have a real job.

Oh yeah, yall help me think if a halloween costume. I had a good idea but i forgot it.

Friday, September 17, 2004

How do people actually have time to blog on a constant basis? Well now that it is six months after my last post i reckoned i should revist the all but forgotten blog to give everyone a heads up. I am working again this semester as part of my degree. It is amusing, getting paid to sit around. Well it puts groceries on the table. Well Time for me to get back to doing nothing. Now that i remembered this is here i will try to add to it atleast weekly, seeing as nothing to do at work is boring. Peace out oh yea and

Sunday, February 15, 2004

"O"..o..o..oh i have an idea for an awesome add on feature to my car. No by awesome i dont want to give my civic a batman inspired theme. However, first i must present the reason why i wish this minor modification. Have you ever been behind a jack ass that was going just fast enough to pass the cars in the right lane but still not even going close to the speed limit? I have and for all I care those inconsiderate mo fos should not be allowed to breath much less get a driving liscense. So my simple solution . . . a fully rotable RPG launcher on the roof of ever car. My reckoning is that if you aim at their rear driver side tire it should not only get even for the inconvenience they have caused you but you will blow the wreckage right out of there way.
However this RPG could become very handy in many more situations. Any one cut you off . . poof there gone, stop signs annoy you? . . poof you can tell the cop that you never shall it, deer? oh yea flesh can stand up to a grenede, had a bad day? go find your bosses car and . . .poof it just got a make over. So you get the point. I think i am going to post one on ebay . . going price $14,845.99. Happy hunting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I get a thanks by an accomplished web person thinger. Here

My first post . . . sigh i need some content.

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